Aquatic Therapy

We are excited to offer the services of Aquatic Therapy in our new 13×15 ft Endless Pool. The pool comes with two separate underwater treadmills with available resistive current for either a walk/run or swim workout.

Properties of water
and their benefits

Buoyancy is the upward force that works opposite to gravity. Provides relative weightlessness and joint unloading allowing performance of active motion with increased ease. This lowers stress and pressure off your muscles and joints!

Hydrostatic Pressure is the pressure exerted by submerged objects. Increased pressure reduces or limits effusion, assists with venous return and centralized peripheral blood flow. This increases overall blood flow!

Hydromechanics is the laws of equilibrium and motion concerning fluids. As speed of movement through water increases, resistance to motion increases. This translates into a powerful resistive workout!

Thermodynamics describes the exchange of work and heat between systems. Water retains heat 1000 more times than air. Exercise in warm water may decrease your stiffness, decrease your pain level and make it easier to move your joints improving joint flexibility.