Kids Triathlon 2018 Recap!

The weather was just perfect on Friday, July 20th, for the 4th annual Kids Triathlon. The temperature sat in the mid 80’s, hot enough to feel good in the pool, but not so hot for the run and bike parts of the race.
There were almost 80 participants this year, which is a record.   Even with the record turnout, everything for the event went smoothly. Kids were having fun every direction you looked.
When it came to the swimming part of the race, all the kids did great in the pool.  Two of the Physical Therapy Associates staff members were actually in the pool swimming alongside the kids, cheering them on. There were volunteers outside of the pool, making sure the different groups of kids were getting lined up and ready.   More volunteers helped the kids with towels coming out of the pool to hit the Bike Corral.
Volunteers would grab the bikes for the kids and hand them off, help with helmets or tying laces.  It was awesome!  There were little kids with training wheels just pushing their little hearts out over the grass!
After the triathlon, there was a BBQ with sausage, hot dogs, chips, and popsicles.
Everyone did awesomely.  Physical Therapy Associates is thankful for our staff and volunteers who helped make the event a success.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Keeping with the complete approach to wellness at Physical Therapy Associates we offer aquatic based physical therapy treatments in our specialized therapy pool.  You may have heard of aquatic therapy,

and most likely wondered what benefits exercising in water provides. In order to understand why aquatic therapy may be right for you we need to discuss how our therapist harness some key properties of water.


Buoyancy is what makes items float in water. When you are submerged in water your bodies tissues are lifted, and the affects of gravity are decreased on your joints and spine. This allows for more pain free and improved range of motion as well as more in depth strengthening and carryover to your physical therapy treatments on land.

Viscosity is the resistance provided by the cellular bonds that are constantly breaking and forming in water. This is what makes running through water, or moving your open hand, difficult and slower under water than in open air. This is a truly gentle form of resistance that can be modified by our therapists to target your affected tissues with appropriate force.

Hydrostatic pressure is an inward force perpendicular to your body that is applied in water. This reduces swelling in the arms and legs and helps your blood return to your heart more quickly for more efficient exercise.

At Physical Therapy Associates our pool is heated to allow relaxation and improved elasticity of muscles, features underwater treadmills for effective cross training, and is equipped with mechanical current that can be used for swimming in place or as an additional challenge during aquatic exercise. This allows our pool to benefit a diverse population. From seniors trying to increase their walking distance in the community, to those rehabilitating following a knee surgery, all the way to high level triathletes, and many more!

Hopefully this information will help you to understand why your physician or evaluating physical therapist recommends aquatic therapy. Have a happy and healthy week and remember: If its physical its therapy!

Written by: Colten Yeigh, PTA

What is a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)?

When scheduling your next round of physical therapy treatments you may have been offered an appointment slot with a PTA. Most likely the word “Assistant” stood out to you, and you weren’t sure what that means. “Do they know what to do? How are they different than my PT?” Both valid and important questions. So let’s get into it.

Physical Therapist Assistants are the only recognized extension of a Physical Therapist. They have all earned degrees from accredited schools, passed national board examinations, and hold licenses to perform physical therapy treatment in their state. How they differ from your PT can be simplified to one simple phrase: They don’t perform Initial Evaluations.

Do you remember the initial visit with your PT when they asked you a lot of questions, performed various tests, and gave you their assessment of what to do next? This is known as an Initial Evaluation. The PT uses this information to set up a plan of care. This plan sets up a scope of what to do, and what not to do, during your treatments.

Colten Yeigh Physical Therapy Associates


This is where the PTA comes in. The education the PTA has completed provides a wealth of knowledge on the theory, and application, of treatments within the plan of care established by your PT. This plan is utilized every time you come in, and the PT and PTA are excellent communicators within their team to update this plan as needed.

To summarize: Once the PT performs their evaluation, PTAs are experts in treating your condition with physical therapy interventions. You are receiving care from a licensed physical therapy professional with a wealth of knowledge on the treatment of patients just like you. What’s even better is that your primary PT continues to follow you as a patient and performs frequent re-checks with you to make sure you are progressing. Think of it as two therapists for the price of one.

So the next time you are scheduling your appointments and a PTA pops up I hope you will feel confident being treated by one of us. Have a happy and healthy week and remember: If its physical its therapy!

Written by:  Colten Yeigh, PTA

Sandy Zimmerman-American Ninja Warrior

We would like to introduce you to Sandy Zimmerman, one of Physical Therapy Associates’ famous clients!  Sandy is an American Ninja Warrior!  She competed in Seasons 8 and 9 of American Ninja Warrior.  Sandy’s entire family has caught the ninja bug.  In Arizona a few weeks ago, Sandy won the women’s pro division and masters division, her 11 year old son took 2nd in his division and her 9 year old daughter took 1st in her division.  Sandy’s 6 year old son was allowed to compete in the 7-9 division and took 3rd and Sandy’s husband, Charlie took 4th in the amateur men’s and 2nd in the masters.  The ENTIRE family qualified for REGIONALS!

Sandy teaches ninja warrior classes and holds events in her backyard which is affectionately called the Ninja Fortress.  April 28th, there will be a UNAA sectioned competition being held at the Ninja Fortress.

Sandy has been through many highs and lows through her career and Physical Therapy Associates has been involved in helping through some major injuries and also back into training.

Good Luck to the whole family competing at Regionals this year!

Golf for Health – Blue Tees and White Tees

White Tees: **All levels welcome**  This golf readiness program is 10 weeks in length focusing on rotational mobility, strength, flexibility and cardio endurance. Moving from station to station in circuit, you’ll sweat, laugh and feel better about stepping onto that first tee of the season!

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Blue Tees:  **Please note this is the more advanced class of the 2 Golf for Health classes. ** This is due to more cardio and strength moves, quick transitions from station to station and the ability to get up from the floor in a speedy manner.

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Triple Threat Conditioning (moderate to advanced)

Because life doesn’t end when Ski Conditioning does! Join us for a similar class format that includes all muscle group resistance training, cardio and core conditioning. Bring a friend and have some fun while getting stronger and ready for every sport!

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TRX Power Stretch & Roll (moderate level)

Sometimes you just need a little more intensity in your stretching. Utilizing the TRX straps in your routine will challenge your body in a whole new way. Follow that with a foam rolling session and your muscles, joints and fascia will recover faster helping you feel better and ready for your next workout!

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StiffMan (All levels – men only)

We have a feeling that stretching is not necessarily in your daily plan, gentlemen, so we’ve created a class just for you! For 30 minutes we utilize the infamous foam roller to iron out the wrinkles in your musculature, break down adhesions and scar tissue AND increase blood flow. We’ll follow it with 30 minutes of basic yoga flow and floor stretches leaving you feeling relaxed and fantastic!

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BarreBlast (All levels)

The latest in sculpting and toning at the Ballet Barre. These routines have been fine tuned to deliver the best results based on the best the Barre has to offer without the knee or low back issues. It’ll blast your muscles making them burn,, but it’s AMAZING! 

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